Budatin Castle

At the exit from Žilina to Kysuce, at the junction of the Rivers Vah and Kysuca, there rises the far-visible water tower of the former medieval castle.

The oldest part of the castle is a massive four-storey tower, which was built in the 13th century right after Tatar invasions. In the 18th century, when the castle lost its function of the fortress, Baroque-Classicist mansion was built. During the revolutionary period in 1849 it burned down and fell into disrepair. Total restoration began in 1920 - 1922.

The castle is just a few minutes walk from the historical center of Žilina. It is located in the local area Budatín. 

Nowadays, Budatin castle's interiors are closed for public due to reconstruction. Visitors can take a walk in the beautiful castle park. Several exotic trees grow here and visitors can learn more about the park on the information boards.



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