Car rental in Slovakia

Ten years ago, it was difficult to find a cheap car hire in Slovakia, and nearly impossible to find any auto rentals outside of Bratislava. In recent years, a few major international agencies have become more active, and so have a number of cheap car rentals from local companies.

Some Slovak agencies will for a small fee deliver your car direct to you, for example to Vienna airport, Budapest airport and airports in Bratislava, Kosice and elsewhere.

Businesses or individuals who want car rent for 30 days and more have a number of options in all regions. However, a short-term rental car in Slovakia is still easiest to find in Bratislava.

Regarding tourist car hire Slovakia suffers from a variety of crime. Car theft is still one of the few crimes for which this country suffers more than most. Therefore, to avoid difficulties use guarded or indoor car parks when possible.

Also, unfortunately many “customers” have stolen cars from car rental agencies. Some agents may seem very strict when they are talking to their customers, but if you can be patient with them, as they are probably multiple victims of fraud.

Your rental fee should include taxes, basic insurance required by law, and stickers for travel on expressways. Ask your agent to be sure you are getting the final price. As in most other countries, you should return the car with full petrol tank.

If you have special requests (including air conditioning, luggage or ski/bicycle carrier), make sure you ask your agent in advance. Child or baby seats are sometimes the hardest extras to obtain – for these it may be simpler to buy an inexpensive model than to try to get it from the agency.

As in all countries, certain things about driving in Slovakia are unique.