Slovak Flag & Slovak Anthem

National Flag of Slovakia

Slovak flag consists of white upper strip, the middle is blue and bottom red. These colors are conventional Slavonic shades. They symbolize Slavonic harmony and independence. 

The double cross represents Christian tradition and memory of St. Cyril and St. Methodius, the two missionaries who came to Great Moravia in 863 to strengthen Chritianity. They created the first alphabet to be used for Slavonic manuscripts and wrote the first Slavic Civil Code, which was used in Great Moravia.

The three hills represent Tatra, Matra and Fatra mountains. (Matra lies in the north of Hungary.) 

For a fun fact, Slovak flag is widely used every year in the time of Ice Hockey World Championships.


The Slovak Anthem

The name of the Slovak national anthem is Nad Tatrou sa blýska (Lightning over the Tatras).  The lyric was written by Janko Matúška in February 1844. The melody came from the folk song "Kopala studienku".

Matuska and some other students left the prestigious Bratislava´s Lutheran lyceum to protest against the removal of their favorite teacher Ludovit Stur from his position by the Lutheran Church. The lyrics reflected the students' frustration. Ludovit Stur was an author of the Slovak Literary Language.

When Czechoslovakia fell apart in 1993, another stanza was added to the anthem and it resulted in Slovak national anthem. 

There is lightning over the Tatras,
thunderclaps wildly beat.
Let us stop them, brothers,
for all that, they will disappear,
the Slovaks will revive.

That Slovakia of ours
has been fast asleep so far,
but the thunder's lightning
is rousing it
to come to.

Nad Tatrou sa blýska,
hromy divo bijú. (2x)
Zastavme ich, bratia,
veď sa ony stratia,
Slováci ožijú. (2x)

To Slovensko naše
posiaľ tvrdo spalo, (2x)
ale blesky hromu
vzbudzujú ho k tomu,
aby sa prebralo. (2x)