Work in Slovakia

Who Needs Work Permit In Slovakia?

Citizens of European Union do not need work permit if they want to work in Slovakia. They have free entry to Slovakia. All citizens who come from non EU countries must apply for temporary residence permit. It is granted for a maximum period of 2 years, for seasonal work maximum 6 months. It may be extended always for maximum 2 years. If you are interested in working in Slovakia, contact the embassy of the Slovak Republic in your country.

Temporary Residence Permit

Temporary residence permit allows citizens who are outside EU to stay in Slovakia longer than 90 days for business or study. It can be renewed and is valid for one year. A foreigner should apply for the work permit first and then for the residence permit.

Looking For A Job

If a foreigner wants to find a job in Slovakia, one way of doing so is to have a look at internet pages like,,,,, and

Employing A Foreigner

The Slovak employer of the foreigner should register his or her employee to the Labour, Social Affairs and Family Office in 7 days, Social insurance before the start of the work; register him or her to the Health Insurance system in 8 days. After the work finishes, he or she should be signed off.