Tourist tips


Visas are not required to Slovakia for citizens of European Union countries. Also, for stays of 90 days, citizens of some 30 other countries do not need visas. For more information and useful links to official information, see our page on visas and embassies.

Currency: Euro, from January 1st 2009
Money can be changed at most bank branches throughout the country, or at currency exchange locations (often a booth, situated at airports, larger train stations, tourist areas and most larger towns).

Electricity: runs on the same system as most of continental Western Europe

State holidays and Sundays:
On most holidays and on Sundays, there is little change, although most people have the day off from work.

Offices of firms, state administration (including post offices) and all other organizations including all schools will be closed.
Shopping in larger stores and in shopping malls carries on, even if smaller stores often close or have limited hours.
Culture (museums and performances), recreation, and eating out all continue, often with extra gusto.
Hotels almost always continue to operate, but if your stay includes a major holiday it’s best to double-check.
Travel is easy: petrol stations with convenience stores are almost always open 24 hours per day and 365 days per year; and public transportation in cities and between cities continues, though on a limited schedule.

The exception to this rule comes on Slovakia’s major holidays (this is an unofficial distinction): 25 and 26 December, 1 January, and the Easter weekend. In most areas, a few stores and restaurants will remain open (at petrol stations if you’re desperate), but most are closed.

The complete list of Slovak holidays is as follows:

Telephones in Slovakia

From outside Slovakia
When calling to Slovakia from outside the country, the international prefix is 421.
If the number you wish to call includes a zero at the beginning (for example "02" for Bratislava), ignore the zero in international calls (for example to Bratislava you will push 421 2 and then the rest of the number).

From inside Slovakia
Calling from inside the country, Slovakia's phone system works very well, thanks in part to Deustche Telecom, which acquired a controlling share in the state-run Slovak Telecom in 1999.
Between cities in Slovakia, you will need to include a zero before the rest of the number.
To call internationally from Slovakia, dial 00, then the country code, then the rest of the number.
Slovakia long distance calling cards for calling to other countries, as well as calling cards (phone cards for use from public phone boxes, most of which no longer accept coins), are sold by Slovak Telecom via newsstands, post offices and convenience stores.

There are user-friendly yellow pages and book of phone numbers once you are in the country. There is also a reliable phone directory of phone numbers in Slovakia available online, as well as Slovakia yellow pages on line.