Study in Slovakia

What You Need If You Want To Study In Slovakia

If a foreigner wants to study in Slovakia for longer than 90 days in one half-year, he or she needs temporary residence permit. If it is for shorter than 90 days, permit is not necessary. The study programs are realized at three levels.

Stages Of Education

The first level is Bachelor - 3 years of study, two more years it is Master Degree and PhD three or four years.

School Year At University

The winter semester starts in October and finishes in December and summer semester starts in March and finishes in May. Many Slovak Universities offer possibilities to study various subjects in English.

Universities Offering Study Programs in English:

College of management Trencin
Science, Business management and Knowledge management

Constantine the Philosopher University, Nitra

Comennius University in Bratislava
General Medicine, Dentistry

Matej Bel University
Business Economy and Management
International Relations
Intercultural communication in Tourism
Teacher Training of the Subject Catechetics of Evangelical Churches
Informative mathematics

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Civil engineering
Production engineering and Quality Management

Automobiles, Ships and combustion engine
Applied informatics
Automobile electronics

Electrical engineering
Industrial informatics

Slovak University of Agriculture
International Business with Agrarian Commodities

Technical University in Košice
Process Control of Raw Materials Extracting and Processing
Informatization of Processes of Raw Materials Extraction and Processing
Management of Earth’s Sources
Automation and Control Equipments and Processes
Applied Mechanics
Safety of Technical Systems
Production Quality Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Computer Support of Mechanical Engineering Production
Mechanical Engineering
Multimedia Telecommunications
Electric Power Engineering
Architectural and Indoor Engineering
Structural and Transportation Engineering
Environmental Structures
Finance, Banking and Investment
Public Administration and Regional Development
Manufacturing Technologies

University of Economics in Bratislava

Two Year Graduate Diploma Study Program
This study program is designed for graduates with bachelor degrees in management, corporate economics, economics and cognate study programs.

University of Veterinary Medicine in Kosice

Two Courses are available:
The first course lasts 6 years and qualifies the recipient of the degree (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). The second course qualifies the recipient of the degree (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). Every applicant for this course is expected to fulfil the terms of entry by passing entrance test in Chemistry and Biology. These tests are set at the level of the secondary school leaving examination. The details of the subject contents of Chemistry and Biology are sent to all applicants before the tests.

Zilina University in Zilina

Air Transport Engineering course (Dipl. Ing. - equivalent to MSc. degree)
Business and Management Economics
Biomedical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Applied Mechanics
Industrial engineering and Management
Information Systems

Other Universities offering study programmes in English language