Zilinsky kraj - Zilina Region

Zilina region, the third largest region in Slovakia,  is situated in the northern part of Slovakia. It is a varied area and you can find here beautiful valleys, rivers and streams and hills.

The whole area is mountainous and these mountains belong to the Western Carpathians. They include Javorniky, the Greater Fatra, the Lesser Fatra, Oravska Magura, Western, Low Tatras and others.

Must-see in Zilina Region

Slovak BetlehemThe Slovak Betlehem

One of the cultural sights you can see there is The largest wooden nativity scene (Slovak Betlehem) in Slovakia. It is located in Rajecka Lesna. It contains more than 170 figures in motion. They were carved from wood and they are exhibited in the house of Gods Nativity. These are Biblical figures and the copies of the most typical building structures of Slovakia. It is also pilgrimage village.

Oravska Lesna Historical RailwayOravska Lesna

The historical logging switchback railway in Oravska Lesna is a world historical monument. The similar railway is to be found only in Peru! In the past it used to carry wood. Oravska Lesna is located on the border of Orava, Kysuce and Poland. It is very attractive for tourists because there are ski resorts in this area. It is possible to ski here until April.


The town Martin houses the oldest and the largest national cultural institution of Slovakia - Matica Slovenska. It is a cultural institution of the Slovaks and it was established in 1863. It was a result of the Slovak national efforts to lay the foundations of Slovak science, libraries and museums.

Other Interesting Places

The following items are the historical, cultural and entertainment sites of Zilina region: Museum of Orava Village - Zuberec, Aquapark Tatralandia in Liptovsky Mikulas, Strecno castle, Demanovska cave of Liberty, Orava Castle, Thermal park Besenova, Meander Park in Oravice, Rafting Ruzomberok, Cutkovo archery in Ruzomberok.