Trnavsky kraj - Trnava Region

Trnava region is located in the southwestern part of Slovakia. Zahorie lowland, Little Carphatians and Danubian lowland form its territory.

It borders with Austria, Hungary, Bratislava region, Trencin region and Czech republic. This territory belongs to the oldest cultural areas of Slovakia. It has been proved by finding the ancient archeological objects. The most famous is "Moravian Venus". It is more than 22 500 years old. Many nations have lived here: Celts, Germans, Slovenians, Hungarians. They dwelled especially in lowland areas.

The Little Rome!

The center of the Trnava region is the town of Trnava where you can see the cultural and historical attractions. As there are many churches within Trnava's city walls, this town is often called "Little Rome" or "Slovak Rome". 

One of the most important churches is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. It was the first Baroque church in Slovakia. The wooden altar belongs to the one of the biggest ones in Europe. The Holy Trinity Statue, the statue of St. Joseph, the Ursulinian and Trinitarian Church were constructed later.

The City Tower 

If you love the bird view, you certainly should not miss the visit to the City Tower in Trnava. It dates back to renaissance. There are 143 stairs on the way up. You will love this place and it's views.


Piestany Spa dominates the Trnava region. It belongs to one of the most famous in Slovakia and people from all around the world visit this unique town. Thermal springs heal many diseases. The statue of a man – patient breaking his crutch speaks for itself.


The oldest inscription of Romans in Slovakia is surprisingly not in Trencin, but in the village of Boldog near Senec. Historians agree that it could be the evidence of the fact that this part of Slovakia might have been a part of Roman Empire.

Water World

If you love water and relax, do not miss the chance to visit Galandia thermal pool in Galanta, Horne Saliby, Dunajska Streda, Velky Meder and Senec.