Trenciansky kraj - Trencin region

Trencin region is located in the north-western part of Slovakia. It is the region with famous history mixed with a strong dose of cultural wealth and natural attractions.

Historical Sightseeings

Trencin city belongs to one with the most historical towns in Slovakia. You definitely should not miss the Trencin castle which dates back to the Great Moravia. It also used to be the seat of Matus Cak of Trencin. It was his residential castle in the centre of Matus's land or Terra Mathei. The romantic legend from Turkish times of Omar and Fatima ties to the castle well. Go for a castle tour to hear it, along with other legends. Overall, Trencin castle is really unique and unforgettable for its visitors.

Roman Inscription

It is the most famous epigraphic memory in middle Europe to the north of the river Danube. You can find it on the rock under the castle, saying:

"To the victory of emperors, dedicated by 855 soldiers of II. Legion of an army stationed in Laugaricio. Made to order of Marcus Valerius Maximianus, a legate of the Second Auxiliary legion."

Trencianske Teplice Spa

Trencianske Teplice Hammam The spa town Trencianske Teplice belongs to the most beautiful spa towns in Slovakia. All tourists who want to recover, enjoy peace and beauty will find it here. The sulfur water is ideal for treatment of rheumatics, backache, post-operation conditions and problems with musculoskeletal system. Thermal water springs directly in spa pools in the optimal temperature between 36 - 40 °C.

Hammam is the greatest attraction of this town. It is the bath place which comes from 19th century and it used to be the most expensive bath in Trencianske Teplice.

Partizanske observatory

It is a perfect way how to observe the stars above us. The building of observatory is located 1.364km east of Greenwich Meridian. Public and tourists may visit the lecture hall with the latest up-to date audio-visual technique.

Bojnice CastleBojnice Castle

Slovakia has dozens of intact castles worth a visit, but Bojnice has probably been restored with more gusto than any of them. Activities for children (but not only for children), a functioning zoo and health spa and extensive grounds make this a lively place to visit. The history of the castle dates back to at least 1113, and in the 19th century the owners made it the seat of a fabulous collection of furnishings and artefacts. Tucked away in the hills above the town.