Nitriansky kraj - Nitra Region

Nitra region and its metropolis - Nitra played an important role in creating the Slovak nation, its culture and its education.

It is one of the warmest and agriculturally most productive centers of Slovak Republic. It borders with Trnava, Trencin and Banska Bystrica region and with Hungary in the south. Zitny Island is the largest river island in Europe between Danube and Small Danube. Tribec, Stiavnice mountains and Pohronsky Inovec are the significant geographical features of Nitra region.

Famous Sites in Nitra Region

Topolcianky Horse-Breeding Farm

This unique place was reconstructed in eighties in the last century. The hippology museum shows you everything what is associated with horses- various breeds of horses, smith, wheelwrights, saddler’s workshop, room and kitchen of worker in the stud. Of course, this all is set into historical context.

Nitra Castle

This monument is located on the rocky mountain. It consists of four parts: cathedral, bishop palace, industrial buildings and outer walls of the castle. It dates back to the year 871 AD. The well, historical hill-fort, cathedral and beautiful view through small windows awaits you up there.

Komarno Castle

It is the largest fortress system in Slovakia and also in the whole Austria-Hungary. Its building started in the 16th century and the bridge connects old and new fortress above dike. It is the National cultural monument. Today, it is likely going to be recorded in the world and cultural heritage UNESCO.

Nitra Field Train

It is situated in the Slovak Agricultural Museum in Nitra. Its original track comes from sugar beet railways and its serves only as a tourist attraction.. There is also a children’s little train. So the whole family can enjoy this beautiful site.

Water World In Nitra Region 

Podhajska thermal park with ten pools and wellness, Vadas - Sturovo, Spa Patince, thermal pool Santovka wellness and Diakovce are just a few to name the water attractions in Nitra region.