Banskobystricky kraj - Banska Bystrica Region

Banska Bystrica region is situated in the territory of historical Zvolen region. The largest of all regions is situated in the central part of Slovakia. It borders with Hungary, Nitra region and Trencin region. This place was implemented into Hungarian kingdom in the second half of the 11th century. Turiec, Liptov, Orava and Tekov belonged to this territory, too.

Natural beauties are very significant here - Low Tatras, Slovak paradise, Muranska plain and Little Fatra. Protected natural areas are Stiavnicke mountains, Cerova highland and Polana. They are part of UNESCO biosphere reservation.

Among the caves belong Harmanecka cave with the largest underground space, Bystrianska cave with many bats and Ochtinska aragonite cave.

The Low Tatras

It is a mountain range which is situated between the valleys of the Vah river and Hron river. The highest peaks are Dumbier - 2043m, Chopok - 2024m and Derese - 2004m. Perfect for recreation, walking and hiking. There are numerous hotels, camping sites and ski lifts. You can even meet wild animals like bear, especially in the eastern part of the Low Tatras.

SNP (Slovak National Uprising 1944) Museum

It is the museum in Banska Bystrica which records the influence of Slovak national uprising on the post-war development in Slovakia. It was founded in 1955

Zvolen Castle

This castle is the Slovak national monument. There is an exposition of Slovak national gallery, wooden painted ceiling where you can see the pictures of Roman and Habsburg emperors.


Ski resorts in Donovaly and Chopok, spa in Dudince, Kovacova, Sklene Teplice, Sliac and Banska Bystrica belong to the greatest attractions in Banska Bystrica region.