Slovakia is truly a country in the heart of Europe. It offers variety of ways how to spend holidays and weekends. If you prefer rural holidays you can rent a cottage in the meadows under hills and watch herds of sheep grazing on the grass. Slovak sheep products like zincinca or sheep cheese - bryndza are typical for our country.

If your heart yearns for something more naturalist, you can sleep in a tent in one of the campsites near our numerous lakes or dams. You can wake up under the stars and head for morning swimming in the lake.

Many activities are available by almost each larger lake in Slovakia. It includes for example swimming, water cycling, on many places windsurfing.

If you are a serious tourist and you cannot imagine holidays without spa or wellness, there are many hotels in various towns offering you top quality services. Most of hotels include more types of sauna and wellness. We may boast also with spa towns like Trencianske Teplice, Piestany, Bardejov or Turcianske Teplice.

People from Muslim countries, Germany, USA come here, too, to relax, recover from illness or just to explore what our country has to offer. There are springs of thermal water which is very precious and has healing power. Each spa town is specialized on several illnesses, according to type of thermal water.

Other places to visit in Slovakia are mountains and aquaparks where you can relax or entertain. We advice you to visit aquaparks especially, if you have children as they can slide down the toboggan, run about there and really release all energy. Famous places in Slovakia are almost always associated with nature or history.

Our country attracts visitors from other countries. Mountains are visited by Czech, Polish, and Russians most often. They come here either in summer when they admire beautiful nature and do hiking or cycling or they simply visit our country to ski. High Tatras and other ski resorts provide not only possibilities of classic skiing, but also cross country skiing.

Travel to Slovakia has become very popular thanks to natural wonders that we have and low price on the other hand. Slovakia places are typical combination of European atmosphere with historical mark of each city or town. Many towns include Old Town part where you can really touch the spirit of the past.

Slovakia offers you also modern type of holidays - in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava. It can be truly named cosmopolitan city as many tourists from all Europe but also from USA come here to spend prolonged weekends and holidays. Many hotels and pensions provide accommodation.

Quality services of hotels are a must as Bratislava is the metropolis of Slovakia. Majority of restaurants can prepare real delicious meals and there are plenty of restaurants with foreign cuisine like Indian, Asian, Italian or French.

Slovakia holiday will certainly meet your needs and requirements. Other Slovakia cities which you should see are Kosice, Presov, historical Trencin and Banska Bystrica or Nitra. There are castles or their ruins in many of them. You will find a great number of caves in Slovakia, with precious types of bats living in many of them. A lot of them are ice caves, so you can see the stalagmites and stalactites which have been created and formed for thousands of years. You can increase your chance of coming here again by throwing a coin in the cave lake. National parks are other features of Slovakia. They are really unique as majority of them are home to number of endangered species of fauna and flora. National parks with their nature trails will provide you with a great number of information about natural environment.