Komarno is half of a cross-border community, together with its Hungarian counterpart Komarom on the other side of the Danube River. Its distinction is the fact that it is Slovakia’s largest town (population 37,000) in which Hungarian language and nationality is in the majority. It also has a lovely town centre with excellent restaurants, and historical fortifications, mainly from Napoleonic times.

How to Get There

KomarnoKomarno is away from main travel routes, so the trip is slower, but it is still a reasonable stopover between most points in Hungary (including Budapest) and most of western Slovakia (including Bratislava). Express trains don’t go through Komarno, and most travel from from Bratislava requires an easy change in Nove Zamky. Roads go directly to Bratislava, Budapest and other towns, but are not express highways.

Official web site of the municipality and the tourist information center.