Was there a war?

Often during a world travel of a Slovak there comes a time when someone asks him an unpleasent question: "You're from Slovakia? There was a war there, right?" 


The most recent war conflict ended in 1945, with the WWII. In 1968, Soviet tanks flooded into the country (as well as to other countries in Eastern Europe), but that did not mean there was a war across a country. 108 people were killed that night.  The invasion successfully stopped the liberalisation reforms of Alexander Dubček, leader of Czechoslovakia and strengthened the authority of the Communist Party. Communism brought a period of stagnation between 1968 and 1989. The Czechoslovaks put up a campaign of non-violent resistance, extensively covered by sympathetic western media. 

In 1989 a smooth and non-violent Velvet revolution brought the collapse of communism. Most Czechs and Slovaks had the first opportunity to speak freely, without fear of prison or loss of property. Czechoslovakia adopted drastic economic reforms. In 1993, the two countries split peacefully.

Slovakia had no terrorist attacks nor is it a country of violence. There are no soldiers on the streets and the policemen will treat you with respect. When travelling to our country you will find it is a place of nice and hospitable people.