Slovakia or Slovenia?

These two countries have been mixed up since their independence. Slovakia was a part of Czechoslovakia and gained indendence in 1993 when splitting from Czech Republic after democratic elections. Slovenia has declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Both countries are members of European Union since May 2004.


Slovakia flagOfficial name: Slovak Republic (in native language: Slovenska Republika, or shortly - Slovensko)

Area: 49,036 km²
Population: 5,4 mil.

Bratislava castleSlovakia is a mountaineous Central European inland country, bordering with Czech Republic to the west, Poland to the north, Hungary and Austria to the south and Ukraine to the east.

Capital: Bratislava with population of about 460,000


Slovenia flagOfficial name: Republic of Slovenia (in native language: Republika Slovenija, or shortly - Slovenija)

Area: 20,273 km²
Population: 2 mil.

Ljubljana castleSlovenia is also situated in Central Europe, but has a bit of the Adriatic coast, bordering with Italy to the West, Austria to the North, Croatia to the south and east and Hungary to the northeast.

Capital: Ljubljana with population of about 280,000