Language, Learning Slovak Language

The Slavic Languages

The Slavic languages, also called Slavonic languages is a group of similar languages of the Slavic people. It is spoken in the most of Eastern Europe, Balkans and Central Europe. As these languages are very closely related, we understand well Czechs, Polish and other Slavic language speakers.

Slovak Language

Slovak alphabet contains 46 letters. As we use diacritic, it changes pronunciation of letters and words. The following phrases are the ones, you may use when you come to Slovakia and want to start and keep simple conversation:

Basic Phrases


Dobrý deň. (DOH-bree deñ)

How are you?

Ako sa máte? (AH-koh sah MAA-teh?)

Well, thanks.

Ďakujem, dobre. (JAH-koo-yehm DOH-breh)

What is your name?

Ako sa voláte? (AH-koh sah VOH-laa-tyeh)

My name is ______ .

Volám sa______ . (VOH-laam sah_____.)

Pleased to meet you.

Teší ma. (TYEH-shee mah)



Thank you.


You're welcome.

Prosím.(PROH-seem) Nie je za čo. (NYEE_eh yeh ZAH choh)


Áno. (AAH-noh) Hej (HAY) (informal)


Nie. (NYEE_eh)



Good morning.

Dobré ráno. (DOH-brehh RAA-noh)

Good afternoon.

Dobrý deň. (DOH-bree deh-NYEH)

Good evening.

Dobrý večer. (DOH-bree VEH-chehr)

Good night.

Dobrú noc. (DOH-broo nohts)

I don't understand.


The Slovak language belongs to the languages which are difficult to learn. We decline the nouns and conjugate verbs. The pronunciation is the same like spelling. There are language schools in Slovakia, where you can learn our language. If you cannot find the school in your area, you may use online language courses which are available in Slovakia, too.