What are we proud of

Slovakia's people are a complicated nation. It is a result of our un-easy history and it's intense recent changes. It was only 24 years ago that we were downtrodden by communist regime. Our pride was somewhat hurt. Thankfully we live in a freedom today  and the whole world starts to discover what we've got.


Natural richness abounds the lands of Slovak country. Beautiful mountains can be found in almost every corner - and as the national symbol on the flag! National parks like Tatra and Fatra are visited by people that fall in love with them instantly. High Tatras are the smallest alpine mountains in the world and their diversity is almost unbelievable. Slovaks value their mountains greatly, many incorporated them in their lifestyle. You will often find small babies in their parent's back racks on the way to some peak. That's how passionate hikers are born!


Every year during Ice Hockey World Championship, every Slovak goes to a friend's house, to a bar or to a city centre and watches the matches on a big screen. Slovak flags are waving all over. Downtowns are full of fans - it means everyone. 

Slovaks and Czechs are one of the best hockey players in the world, along with Canada and the Scandinavians. In 2002, Slovakia's hockey team won the championship. Last year we ended up with silver medal. All Slovakia was on the edge.


Did you ever hear that Slovakia grows the most beautiful women? It is a worldwide-known fact. Come to see for yourself. Walk the street of any town or village. Slovak girls are also very successful models: Adriana Sklenarikova, Michaela Kocianova (Victoria's Secret angel), Andrea Veresova, Michaela Hlavackova to name the few.