Slovakia Movie Set

After communism that ended in 1989, Hollywood started to discover the attractivness of Slovakia. Just about time! Slovakia is one of the most photogenic and diverse European countries, offering various backdrops and saving enormous amounts from the budget at the same time. 

Slovakia Castles


Dragonheart (1996) is a medieval fantasy adventure, starring Dennis Quaid (and Sean Connery's voice). Slovakia's castles serve as a dramatic setting in many movies. Even in this movie you can see the Cachtice and Strecno Castles too and other locations from Slovakia like Drevenik and Tomasovsky vyhlad in Slovak Paradise. 


Many of scenes from the famous vampire horror film Nosferatu (1922) were shot in Orava Castle. The castle served as Count Orlok's domicile. Oravsky Podzámok and the High Tatras landscape are also featured in the movie.

The Last Legion

Shooting The Last Legion (2007) has led Colin Firth and Ben Kingsley to many stunning locations,  including Slovakia: Cerveny Castle and the Spis Castle in particular.

Although the filmmakers coming from filming in Tunisia were suddenly a bit cold here, the atmosphere that Slovakia provided them with was just perfect for the movie. 

The Spis castle was used for the scenes in Britannia. The producer Martha De Laurentiis said: "The castle was so absolutely perfect and the views from there are incredible—the landscape just goes on for miles and miles, completely unspoiled."

High Tatras


A monumental fantasy flick Eragon (2006) features High Tatras as the Boer mountains in the fantasy world of Alagaësia. As a bestubbled Jeremy Irons puts trainee dragon rider Ed Speleers as Eragon through his paces, the camera frequently pans across the Tatras' spectacular valleys, gorges and waterfalls. The movie was shot mainly in a near-by Hungary. Eragon's unit production manager said: "Slovakia borders with Hungary and has the mountains and certain sights that Hungary could not provide... Standing on top of that mountain really felt like being on top of the world. The view was amazing.  When the film got back from the laboratory I knew that the week long stress in getting that scene done, however short, was well worth it."


The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker (1997), an action thriller starring George Clooney and Nicole Kidman, is the first film from Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks Studios. The supposedly Viennese car chase was staged in the old town and the climax of the chase was filmed almost directly in front of the American Embassy and ornate Slovak National Theater. And the final sequence set in a Manhattan's cathedral was shot in the breathtaking St. Martin's Cathedral. 

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