Electricity & Telephones


Electricity runs on the same system as most of continental Western Europe. The Slovak Republic uses the 220V electricity. If you have a gadget or electrical appliance which needs 110V, you should use a convector. Otherwise, there is a danger and risk of fire.


From outside Slovakia

The telephone code for Slovakia is +421. If you want to call somebody to solid line or mobile phone, always omit the first zero. For example: 00421(0) 903 123 567. The zero in brackets is always omitted.

From inside Slovakia

You will need to include a zero before the rest of the number. For example: 0903 123 567
To call internationally from Slovakia, dial 00, then the country code, then the rest of the number.

There is also a reliable phone directory of phone numbers in Slovakia available online, as well as Slovakia yellow pages on line.


The universal emergency telephone number in Slovakia is: 112 (same in all European countries)

You may alternatively call individual emergency numbers: