Demographics, Government & Religion

Population - The Basic Numbers

The Slovak republic is situated in the heart of Europe and its neighboring countries are Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Ukraine and Poland. The population of Slovak republic is over 5,4 million people.

According to the latest statistics, Slovaks form 85, 7% of the population, Hungarians makes 10, 6% and Romans 1, 6% of the population. Czechs represent 1%, Ukrainians 0,3% and Polish 0,1%.

45,6 % of people live in villages and country, 54,4% of people live in the cities and towns.


The Slovak ancestors were Slavs, who came to Slovakia in the 4th century when they crossed Danube. The first known Slavic states on the territory of present-day Slovakia were the Empire of Samo and Principality of Nitra. They were founded sometimes in the 8th century.

Life of a Slovak - Life Expectancy, Average Salary & Religion

The life expectancy of a Slovak male is 71 years and of a female 79 years.

The average monthly salary of a Slovak person is around 850 Eur.

More than 700 000 people are atheists and 62% of people are Catholics, lower number is for Greek Catholics and reformed Christian church.

Political System and European Union

Forty years until the year 1989, there was a communism era in Slovakia. The velvet revolution on 17th November 1989 meant the end of communism in Czechoslovakia. Since 2004 Slovakia has been a member of European Union and NATO. Since 2009, Slovakia has been a member of Euro zone and we have had Euro currency since then. Slovakia has been a sovereign state since 1993 after the separating with Czech Republic.

Slovak parliament, government and President are the main bodies of the political system.

Slovakia is a safe and democratic country where you will meet nice and hospitable people. We will welcome everyone no matter what his or her religion, skin color or nationality is.