Slovak Currency and Prices

Currency in Slovakia is Euro (EUR)

Euro is an official currency in Slovakia since 1st of January 2009. Any Euro coin is valid in any country of the Euro area. Slovak Republic adopted the Euro after 16 years of using Slovak Koruna. The conversion rate was 1 EUR = 30,126 Slovak Crown.

Money can be changed at most bank branches throughout the country, or at currency exchange locations (often a booth, situated at airports, larger train stations, tourist areas and most larger towns). Banks are usually open 9:00-17:00.

Prices in Slovakia

Typical price travellers and tourists will pay when travelling to Slovakia, one of the best values in Europe for vacation. The prices for services, accommodation and food are relatively low.

Avarage prices in 2013 for selected goods

Beer 12% bottled 0,5l 0,7€
Drafted beer 0,5l 1€
Lunch menu in restaurant per person 4€
Cigarettes 19 pieces 3,30€
Bread 1kg 1,30€
Milk 1l 0,85€
Chocolate 100g 0,80€
Red wine - Frankovka 1l 2,70€
Vodka 700ml 5,80€