Sunday with kids

Strbske Tarn with family

Even a small trip can create a unique holiday experience for you and your entire family. Slovakia is full of one-day trip opportunities!

Here we present a hand-picked selection for a nice spring Sunday.


Slovakia's mountains are getting very popular among hikers for its beauty and untouched nature. You'll find plenty of parents with children as small as one year old wandering about on the mountain paths. 

Popradske Tarn

A popular walk perfect to acquaint yourself with High Tatras.

Geravy in Slovak Paradise

Semi-demanding trip for older kids that will make them sleep like babies.

Zádielska Plateau

A blissful half-a-day walk, full of hiking, storytelling and stunning scenery!

Walk to Skok waterfalls

A neat walk up to the truly beautiful High Tatras' waterfalls.



There are many wonderfully well-preserved or restored castles in Slovakia. Many castles and manor houses have interesting exposition and are hosting festivals and special events suitable for kids.

Orava Castle

One of the most beautiful and largest castles in Slovakia offers plenty of fun for kids.

Stara Lubovna Castle

Jaw-dropping castle, an open-air museum and a medieval military camp!

Spis Castle

900 years old castle serving as a movies backdrop is not to be missed!

Devin Castle

Close to Bratislava, Devin is full of possibilities for family fun.


Open-air museums

The skanzens, as we call it, are fascinating and unusual open-air museums. These fully restored villages transport visitors into another time. Your children will certainly appreciate the fairy-tale setting!


An untouched village with amazing historical monuments.


An archeological econstruction of the Celts farm settlement above Liptovska Mara dam.