The very first editor's pick

One Little Special Country

Editor's pick is a regular feature about treasures, stories, places and people from Slovakia. Our beautiful, small yet majestic country resides in region often called 'heart of Europe'.

This is funny - many people think we are an eastern country and that does not make a Slovak happy. To us, that says "communism", "poverty" and many people especially from U.S. also think "war", which is absolutely ridiculous. Although we did live through dark times until the Velvet Revolution in 1989, Slovakia really is a fast-growing modern country in terms of economy, tourism and business. But that is not all.

With this very first editor's pick, I want to talk about gifts the Gods gave us. In their generosity, this little country was lucky to recieve many. Magnificent mountains, where first-timers learn to breathe and live freely alongside strong and cheerful guys that take the cargo to mountain cottages on their backs. Pictoresque valleys with healing springs that make the destination for people all around. Fertile lowlands giving us the best wines in Europe. Old castles from ruins to those that still look manifique for centuries. Mines once employing whole villages, now open for tourists to find their own gem stone. Poetic towns with medieval churches, gothic cathedrals and renaissance manors. Vivid cities with nightclubs and pubs full of beautiful women. Good beer (almost as good as the czech ones). SKI Parks on mountains and local hills with tens of kilometers of slopes. Healing wellness resorts on the elite luxury level. And on top of that, "bryndzove halusky" (we'll teach you more about that one next time) :)

So I think apart from the content about all the places that you can find on, you can always turn to this section and read the stories behind t
hose places and behind people's lives inside one beautiful, special little country.

xoxo - your editor