Slovakia is full of beautiful caves and underground places. Many of them are hidden and undiscovered, many can be entered only by experienced cavers. Only a handful of 2400+ caves in Slovakia are to be seen and admired by a public eye.

A cave is a remarkable natural phenomena. It is a large underground space created naturally by the weathering of rock. 

The caves of Slovak Karst system are listed in the UNESCO's World Heritage List.  These caves are noted for having the world's highest stalagmite, aragonite and sinter formations and an ice filled abyss, which considering the territory's height above sea level, is a unique phenomenon for central Europe.

Slovak caves open to public

Belianska Cave

Belianska Cave

High Tatras

Located within the Tatra National Park (TANAP), the Belian Cave boasts calcite waterfalls, pagoda-like stalagmites and lakes. There is a naturally-formed "music auditorium" in which concerts are held.

Bystrianska Cave

Bystrianska Cave

Banska Bystrica Region, Low Tatras

National Natural Monument consists of the Old and New Cave. The cave is more than 1000m in length. Locals knew about the opening to the Old Cave long ago.

Bojnice Castle Cave

Bojnice Castle Cave


Natural travertine cave with a diameter of 22m and a height of 6m. Residents of Bojnice Castle certainly knew of its existence long ago. It served them as a shelter and a water reservoir.

Dead Bats Cave

Cave of Dead Bats

Banska Bystrica Region, Low Tatras

The cave, where a great amount of bat bones about 6000 years old was found, is located in the mountain terrain on the way to Dumbier peak. Dressed in speleological clothes with a mining helmet you'll discover the mysterious undergrounds of Low Tatras.

Demanovska Liberty Cave

Demänovská Cave of Liberty

Liptov Region, Low Tatras

One of the most beautiful caves in Europe and the most visited in Slovakia, this national natural monument is full of underground halls and domes, tunnels and richly decorated ponds with stalactite water lilies on the surface and cave pearls at the bottom.

Demanovska Ice Cave

Demänovská Ice Cave

Liptov Region, Low Tatras

Created by a former underground flow of Demänovka river, Demanovska Ice Cave is full of beautiful ice formations. The cave tour is 650m in length. It was also called the Dragon's Cave, because of the finding of cave bear bones, suspected to be dragon bones. 

Dobsinska Ice Cave

Dobšinská Ice Cave

Slovak Paradise National Park

One of the most famous ice caves in the world. The ice filling has a volume of 110.132 m3 and occurs in the form of ground ice, waterfalls, ice stalagmites and columns. In the Great Hall its thickness is as much as 26.5 metres. 

Domica Cave


Kosice Region, Slovak Karst

Domica Cave lies in the vicinity of the Slovak-Hungarian border. It is 5.080 metres in length and forms a single entity with the Baradla Cave in Hungary. A trip along the underground river Styx is highly recommended. The cave is home to 11 kinds of bat.

Driny Cave


Trnava Region

During the half-hour tour your body acquires so much calcium as is in a single calcium injection. Driny cave has a unique decor: sinter curtains with edging reminding of elephant ears, sinter waterfalls and flows, pagoda-like stalagmites, stalactites and pools.

Gombasecka cave

Gombasecká Cave

Kosice Region, Slovak Karst

Gombasek Cave in the Slovak Karst is exceptional in its slender quill-like formations which can be as long as three meters. The chambers are captivating in the fragility of form and coloring of the rich pigments.

Harmanecka cave

Harmanecká Cave

Banska Bystrica Region

Harmanecka cave is known for a large number of bats found, 11 kinds so far. It is a chasm cave with snow-white stalactite and stalagmite formations. Views of the stalagnite decor, wall waterfalls, vast domes and lakes are truly spectacular.

Jasov cave

Jasovská Cave

Kosice Region, Slovak Karst

The Jasov Cave near the little town of the same name offers interesting "cathedrals" and chambers and galleries deepened by river, pagoda-shaped stalagmites, waterfalls, scallops and anthodites.

Krasnohorska cave

Krásnohorská Cave

Kosice Region

The 2 hours long cave tour is a powerful experience. The route over the underground flow, accessible by wooden platforms, ladders and rope traverses, leads to a gigantic 32.6 m high sinter column, a monumental natural creation. 

Ochtinska cave

Ochtinská Aragonite Cave

Kosice Region, Slovak Karst

Ochtina Aragonite Cave is a unique phenomenon of subterranean natural beauty that never ceases to amaze visitors with the wealth and variety of its aragonite ornamentation. In the so-called "Deep Cathedral" the lake has a depth of up to 3 metres.

Stanisovska cave

Stanišovská Cave

Liptov Region, Low Tatras

To experience the real atmosphere of the underground cave during your hour-long tour, you'll be guided by real cavers down the unlit paths with the help of your head lamps.

Vazecka cave

Važecká Cave 

Liptov Region

Stalactite decoration is rich in stalactites and stalagmites of pure white color. Delicate decorations and bizarre shapes remind of a fairytale land. The bones of a cave bear were found here and are displayed in the Kostnica corridor.

Zla diera cave

Zlá Diera Cave (Bad Hole)

Presov Region

The only publicly open cave in the Presov region is the Bad Hole Cave. The cave is not electrically lit, so visitors light the way with traditional carbide lamps. Interesting is the Birth passage - after completion, you'll feel like you were born again.