Relax and outdoors in Bratislava

Parks and playgrounds

Garden of Janko KralParks and playgrounds are everywhere, but only a few of them are attractive enough to be destinations. Among the best are:


Koliba is the forested hilltop that dominates the city. It is not reachable by public transportation, but a trolley-bus will take you much of the way up. A paved road to the top is car-accessible. Koliba is a year-round destination, combining a number features, including many family-friendly ones. For example:

Hiking in Slovakia


Zlate piesky beachSwimming is becoming easier to find, whether in winter or in summer, but sometimes runs to over-crowded in Bratislava during summer holidays and weekends.

The following venues are worth a try:

Swimming in Slovakia

Horseback riding

Horseback riding in the English style is offered at several riding schools, which offer one-time lessons tailored to the rider's abilities.