Bratislava - the Capital of Slovakia


Bratislava is a charming historical city and a youngest european metropolis. Inexpensive by comparison to western Europe, small and vibrant, Bratislava offers a variety of activities to travelers with any goal.

Enjoy the shopping, dining and natural wonders Bratislava has to offer as a reemerging sparkler of history, culture, business and recreation. Come and experience it for yourself. A few days in Bratislava, building in a tour or two, is the perfect beginning to your Slovakia vacation.

Where is Bratislava?

Bratislava is a capital of Slovakia, located in Central Europe. It lies on the Danube River, just a little east of Vienna. Surrounding countries of Slovakia are (from west to east): Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukrain and Hungary.

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Bratislava, Slovakia is in Central Europe

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